Billo RestroBot

A Restaurant Serving Humanoid.

Billo RestroBot

Billo RestroBot is a Restaurant Service Humanoid which can work in a restaurant individually, interacting with customers with Voice, Expressions & Actions

Let your Restaurant be ahead of times with a humanoid Serving your Customers.

Billo RestroBot can show a variety of promotional information on its touch screen .Customers can use the touch screen or ask the BilloBot directly.The humanoid can respomd with voice to introduce information , provide table number and guide the direction to the customers.

The Humanoid can perform dancing show with its arms to perk up the atmosphere

billo Restrobot

Let your Billo Food ordering App be installed on Billo RestroBot .

The Billo Food Ordering App for your Restaurant will be installed on this Restaurant Serving humanoid and let your customers view your digital menu and order the food through the Robot. Let your Customers at your Restaurant get an innovative and fresh technological experience.

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